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Please contact our office to submit a listing for rent. We'll be glad to assist you in getting the property on the market and start giving property tours to prospective tenants. We offer a variety of services. Please visit our FAQ section below for more information.

Frequently Asked Landlord Questions

1. How does the process work?

If you want us to help you rent your apartment, please call or email one of our offices and ask to speak to one of our rental managers, or click here to submit a listing online.Our rental managers will then put your unit into our database and distribute it to all agents. If we have not had the listing before, the manager will setup a time to preview the unit and review all of the important information relating to the apartment as well as showing instructions.

We then show you apartment and once we have a tenant interested in the apartment we will present the application as well as all of the background information so you can make an informed decision on whether to accept them as tenants. After you have accepted a tenant we will handle the lease paperwork with standard RHA forms or will use any specific forms that you provide to us.

2. How much do you charge?

It is free for us to:
  • List your property
  • Preview
  • Photograph
  • Market & show your property

We do have a fee equal to one month's rent, but how this fee varies. The landlord can pay zero, half, or all of the fee. A property is more marketable when the tenant doesn't have to pay a fee, but really it is up to you whether you want to pay any fees. If you are interested in having us pull the credit for any applicants you find yourself, we charge $25.00 and need a signed RHA rental application form( we can provide this to you at no cost)

If you would like use to handle all of the lease paperwork for tenants you find, we charge $200.00 and will provide a:
  • Standard form apartment lease
  • Tenant lead law certification
  • Apartment condition statement
  • Rent and security deposit form
  • Mold addendum
*Additional forms such as co-signer documents and addendums can be discussed.

3. Can I list with other offices?

Absolutely, you are free to work with any other offices.Our primary goal is to make sure your unit gets rented. There are benefits to working exclusively with us though.(see question below)

4.What are the advantages of working exclusively with you?

The benefit of working with one office exclusively is that you know who has your keys, the quality of agents who will be bringing you tenants, as well ease of communication when communicating changes in prices, availability or when you need to discuss specific rental preferences. In addition, if a rental agency knows that a landlord lists only with them, the pressure is on them to rent the units. We can't guarantee success, but we can tell you that we have over 30 years of rental experience, have multiple offices and only experienced agents. If you are interested in having us rent your units exclusively, please submit a contact request today!

5. Can I rent out the apartment myself?

Yes, you own the property, you always have the choice to market it yourself, many landlords feel like they save money renting it out themselves, but constantly know what is going on in the market, we are able to provide real time feedback meaning higher rents. We also help do all of the showing and paperwork saving you time, and we all know time = money.

6. How do you check to see if someone is qualified to rent my apartment?

Our qualifying process includes:
  • Running credit reports
  • Work/Income verification
  • Obtaining qualified co-signers(if necessary) along with notarized guarantor forms
  • Current and former landlord references
  • CORI report if requested
  • Personal references
  • Copy of ID's
  • Obtaining copies of I-20's(for international students)
  • We then take the time to review all of the above documentation and you decide whether you would like the applicants as tenants.

7. Do you do property management?

Yes! We manage both investment properties as well as condo associations. Your property manager holds CMCA(Certified Manager of Community Associations & AMS (Association Management Specialist) designations. We take the headaches away from being a landlord and will maximize profits by providing real time market pricing and feedback to make sure you get the most amount of rent possible.

When we manage an association, we have extensive Insurance, Construction, and Mortgage experience which will allow us to help provide valuable insight on how to increase the value of the building and units while making the integrity of the building and it's financial well being top priorities.

Please visit our property management site to find out more information about our property management services.


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

8. Can you assist me in buying investment property?

We specialize in assisting investors find the right investment property to purchase. We will discuss short/long term investment goals as well as how to value properties. We help clients purchase condos to large multi-unit complexes. We can assist in the financing, construction and property management aspects to help give each client a better understanding of all costs related to owning and having investment property.

9. Do you sell property as well?

We sell all properties at 3.95%, we provide free market analysis and will help you get the highest price possible for your home. In addition to pricing, we will help you understand what units are on the market, sold and what can be done to help maximize the price that you get for your property.


As a landlord you need to make sure you are properly insured. You want to review your insurance coverages each year to make sure you have coverages to cover you in the case of a loss. Our insurance division has over 30 years of investment property insurance experience helping landlords save money on their policy while making sure they are protected. Please visit our insurance website or submit a request for more information:



An investment property encounters wear and tear each year. If you property need repairs or are you looking to increase rents by making improvements to the the property, Kunevich & Lau can assist you.We are licensed General contractors(licensed #CS104090) and have decades of renovation and repair experience. We provide market insight on what quality the other investment properties in the neighborhood are at so our landlords can make informed decisions on how to best spend their renovation and repair budget. For more information about our renovation and repair services please visit our website


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.